GL.inet S-1300 restart and hold no config

I have a gl.inet S-1300 that I starting using again after upgrading to 22.3.6(latest version available), but after restarting the router it holds zero config and starts luci even without my previous password, as if a brand new install. What could it be?

This is not supported by official OpenWrt. You'll need to ask your questions in the GL-Inet support channels since they use a proprietary heavily modified version of OpenWrt.


Will this hardware by any chance get supported by official OpenWrt in the near future? How can I check that development, if it exists?
Thanks in advance for the help.

So, this is my, totally, biased opinion of a gl.inet:

They, intentionally, misuse our(?) name and fool people into buying their products while also making products that, if you do not spend a lot of time here to discriminate, you might know are fully supported.

I do not trust them at all and I wish OpenWrt were more protective of our/their free and volunteered support when this kind of bait and switching is done. They insult us; even when they make a good product only people that spend a lot of time here in the forum can discriminate.

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You are of course entitled to your totally biased opinion, regardless of its validity.


Well, you know:

Almost all firmware is, at least partially, stolen from OpenWrt but at least most have the jurisprudence to shut up about it.

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If it's the GL-S1300 you're referring to, please see the TOH page. 23.05 and later images are not available because the necessary migration from swconfig to DSA hasn't been completed for the device (the device recipe still exists though).

If you installed official OpenWrt through the original gl.inet firmware upgrade page preserving configuration, that would account for at least some of your problems - you need to follow the installation instructions on the TOH page above.

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Hello, I did install it isntalling the compatible version of uboot first, as the TOH page. But the 22.3.6 version has this bug that when I restart the router loses all config. Testing previous versions does not have this bug. I came back to the gl.inet firmware at least for now, if a new version of openwrt is released I will switch over gain. Thanks for your answer.

Ok, so which actual official OpenWrt versions worked for you?
(I have a B1300 which is slightly different - smaller RAM, 32MB NOR flash and no EMMC - but with much in common with the S1300 and haven't had any issues with 23.05.x builds so I'm curious to try and understand your problem and maybe resolve the S1300 DSA issue).

For a normally working OpenWrt environment, not saving config can indicate that the overlay filesystem is too small to be usable - usually because the root squashfs filesystem is unusually large - though the S1300 having a 16MB NOR flash does make this seem unlikely. Do you recall noticing whether the "space used" part of the LUCI status page looked normal?

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Version 21.02.xx were working fine. i wasn't using anymore this router as I had a few problems upgrading to newer versions. Then giving it a try with latest avilable verison 22.03.6 I have the reported bug. From what I recall the space used under LUCI status was fine, it seems to be 512MB, not 16MB, I send a screenshot of the gl.inet firmware interface down here:

It has 512MB of RAM (B1300 only has 256MB) but only 16MB of NOR flash - which matters as OpenWrt isn't setup to use the EMMC flash which the OEM firmware uses for firmware storage.

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hmm I see thanks for the info.