GL-Inet Mudi + General question + localisation


First of all, can you guys create Crowdin or Weblate page to help with translation? Unfortunately I am not really good with HTML or JS but I wanna help with Ukrainian translation.

Secondly, if I need to free up storage in my router for additional plugins, can I remove unnecessary localisation files? If so - how?

Thirdly, if I will activate this option will I need to install HTTPS profile? Will it work only in local network? Will this work only for LuCI or default admin panel too?

It sounds like you're running GL-Inet's vendor supplied firmware. I don't know what it contains, but you'll want to ask them about freeing up space with respect to their firmware, as well as their localization processes.

The official OpenWrt firmware ships with only the English localization by default, ensuring that space isn't taken up by tons of additional languages. From there, you can install only the languages you want/need.

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There is a Weblate page for OpenWrt already: