GL-iNet MT3000 Beryl AX - another new router

Hi, I have one of these - MT7981B Dual-core@1.3GHz, WiFi 6 small travel router. It is fast even with the stock firmware...
Any thoughts on if OpenWRT can be added to this please?


here and here

Looks like it's completely unsupported, apparently immortalwrt has support for the chipset, see here there's also a clone called the qihoo 360T7


Please check Git - openwrt/staging/dangole.git/shortlog
My Cudy MR3000 (also mt7981b) working fine but missing radio. WiFi driver mt76 is not ready yet.

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Hello and thanks for these replies!
I am a total newb about .git things - but is there a .bin file I can flash to my router? I am not a linux person.


Reading the git, I cannot see any WiFi support as of yet.

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