Gl-inet microuter n300 with OpenWrt 21.x, radio on by default?

Was about to install Openwrt 21.x on a gl-inet microuter n300, then I got some cold feet.

The upgrade function said it was 3rd party bin file which I'm ok with. But, also said it recommended not keeping the settings.

This device has only 1 ethernet port so I'm worried that if it is wan port by default and radio is off, then I'm unable to connect to the device. Effectively bricked.

How would I find out if the v21 bin file has the radio on w/ ssid or not?

this one:

AFAIK, there is not a single device that comes with activated wifi after OpenWrt installation.


Wifi is always disabled by default in OpenWrt. The ethernet port of this device is defined as lan port ... after flashing available under For reference check the initial commit with n300 support:;a=commit;h=b30f2281cce6649567e0194d203f06517d173115

Please note: make sure you select not to preserve the old configuration!


I shell press on with new found confidence. Found this following your link.

  36         glinet,microuter-n300|\
  37         glinet,vixmini)
  38                 ucidef_add_switch "switch0" \
  39                         "0:lan" "6@eth0"


I think you're looking for this
you need to build your own image using imagebuilder and use that script

All OpenWrt devices use the first (or only) ethernet interface as LAN.

All GL.Inet devices have a recovery with web interface you can always use (it is in the bootloader, and OpenWrt does not touch the bootloader).

Bricking this device permanently is harder than you think.

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