GL.iNet GL-XE300 T-Mobile Only?

I looked through some reviews on Amazon and some of the articles here, but didn't really see a definitive answer on this.

Is this still locked to T-Mobile Only when flashed with an OpenWRT image (as opposed to the GL.iNet version)? It seems that would indicate that is a function of the modem rather than the router.

I was hoping to find a LTE router to use in Asia that supports OpenWRT and this is the cheapest by far, but useless if locked to T-Mobile regardless of the version of OpenWRT used.

Quectel EC25-AF 4G module pre-installed.

The modem card has its own CPU and firmware, and also hardware limitations of which RF bands it can transmit and receive. Installing OpenWrt runs on the separate router CPU, it does not alter how the modem card connects to the 4G network. You can open the box and swap the card to one that works with the carrier you want to use in your country.

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Ah. I wasn't aware there was a separate card. I should have done some more reading.

Thank you for the reply.