GL.iNet GL-X3000/ Spitz AX support

I tried building with the latest master on both stable kernel (6.1) and testing kernel (6.6), and I don't see any build issue.
The patches have been renamed to avoid prefix number collisions, so I guess your repository is not fully up-to-date with master and kept the old patches.

In case you just want the built images, you can get them from here:

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Sorry about that. I should have double-checked the repository contents before posting. Apparently the git reset didn't get rid of the 2 files I had added at some point...
Thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you for the job ! I have a question, there is 2 versions of X3000 device (see :

  • X3000NR with 5G module RM520N-GL
  • X3000C16 with 4G module EM160R-GL

Can you tell me if an image of the X3000C16 is planned ?

I tested this image on my X3000C16, however the LTE interface does not seem to be detected.
If sombody is willing to give a try on this, I can offer a ssh access to my board on the factory firmware/test an image on it.


You should probably be able to get the modem running anyway.

If you are using a precompiled image I am unsure if they contain the necessary drivers. Also, the modem should be in usb mode.



I have a somewhat general question.

I seem to recall from years ago installing snapshot is initially limited to CLI access for administration. Is that still the case or do snapshots also have luci these days? Not that I need luci immediately (I can always install it manually) but I just wonder.

Also, would you say the system runs well for daily driver? For me matters: expected max 5G speed performance and ability to switch between the 2 SIMs. Load balancing between them would even be better but I don't think OpenWRT can connect with both at the same time (can it?). If ready it would be great if someone could provide 'opkg list-installed' output and perhaps a backup-GL-XE3000-2024-MM-DD.tar.gz to extract and start from as inspiration.

Indeed, the snapshots are limited to SSH access, without luci.

I don't use it on a daily basis, so I'm not able to confirm, but as far as I can see it runs smoothly. Maybe other people in this thread can give their opinion.

However I think the 5G speed could be improved by using PCI instead of USB in order to communicate with the modem (but it requires more development). And for the two SIMs, I have no idea either, but maybe ModemManager is able to handle them both.

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Runs perfectly as a daily driver, I have been using it as such since before it was added to the official repository. The only issue I had was with disconnects every 24 hours (by the operator), which was solved by an edit to one of the ModemManager scripts (so the modem reconnects after the connection is dropped).

Well, the performance depends on the 5G coverage of the area and the load on the cell towers... I have managed to coax up to 250 Mbps from the modem where I live.
As for the dual SIM I am unsure, since I have only 1 SIM and don't use the second slot.

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@dohseven & @JayBG : thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge!