GL.iNet GL-MT6000 - AQL and WiFi Latency

@phinn In the interest of maintaining up-to-date info in the ever evolving landscape of OpenWrt (which is why I love it!), your post made me go back and revisit the statement I made some time back about AQL being impacted by WED.

I run with WED enabled on my three MT6000s. However, I have come to believe, based on recent testing, that AQL may still come into play even with WED enabled.

Here's some data to chew on. I ran multiple crusader tests with varying aql_txq_limit values with WED enabled. Here are the results*:

500 - WED Enabled:

1500 - WED Enabled:

2500 - WED Enabled:

5000 - WED Enabled:

15000 - WED Enabled:

*Before anybody gets too torqued by the bandwidth numbers, I was testing at a distance from the AP (MT6000) I was tweaking without the intent of proving maximum bandwidth capability. This test was just to show effects of modifying aql_txq_limit with WED enabled while testing from a static location for each testing iteration.

So what are the thoughts of this collective think tank here? Based on these results, do you see a noticeable effect to AQL with WED enabled?