GL.iNet GL-MT3000 Flash recovery using CH341

Ooooh, I stand corrected!

I did try a while ago, no success

I compiled U-Boot image and it is ready now, the question is;

how to transfer it to SPI NAND at address 0x00 ??

How were you able to compile U-Boot for this device?

Have you already done the backup?
I'm only familiar with flashrom, that doesn't support SPI NAND chips (only SPI NOR chips). You might have more success with SNANDer, but I've never tried it (

And please make sure that you really have a 3.3V version of the programmer, not the one with the 5V bug.

I compiled it from following repo:

No, I cannot make any backup.

I do not know, but I have CH341A programmer software called NeoProgrammer

Thanks for this information, I will make sure of it.

Please find a uboot code from gl.inet site, don't use others, because uboot is your hardware specific.

Or you could get it from other person's the same model device backup file.

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I hope someone on this forum who has the same device to respond to you and I

Why not? Does NeoProgrammer not support reading the chip (I can't imagine that)?

Never try any other U-Boot than the one that came with your device unless you are 100% sure that it's going to be compatible. Even if it might start, it doesn't know about your hardware specifics, the partition layout and the file format that's used on this model. It is very well possible that this U-Boot is going to destroy some data, e.g. the calibration data, that's still there and required for WiFi to work.

Your safest bet is to flash a U-Boot from someone else's device, i.e. a backup.

I edited the title of this thread so that others can find it easier.

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it did not complete reading, i do not know why
I use SNANDer now, it is faster and can see the NAND easily

hope someone can respond to this

Hi @andyboeh

I was able to get the router back to life :slight_smile:

I used a u-boot from the repo here

I uploaded it using CH341 programmer

If you want I can send you PM with all detailed steps later.

I was able to restore everything including all partitions despite I did not do any backup and I actually erased all data on the flash (I think I am just lucky about the backup point :wink:)

I learned so much from this incident and I am thinking to write later about my experience.

Thank you, buddy, for your advices, highly appreciated!

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