GL.iNet GL-B2200 support?

I see GL-B1300 is supported and has the latest firmware version (21.x), and both B1300 and B2200 is based on ipq40xx, so I wonder whether B2200 is also supported? Currently, B2200's OEM firmware is based on OpenWRT 15.x :sweat_smile:

If it isn't listed in the table of hardware , it isn't supported. Routers are embedded devices, usually with quite come quirks and peculiarities, and little standard adherence (so those exist in the first place), so each device needs its very own bespoke firmware image - there usually are no generic images.

If it is ipq40xx based, chances are that adding support for it might be relatively easy, but it still needs to be done by someone with the device on their desk.

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Not the answer I hope for, but thanks :smiley:

Note: A patch to add support for GL-B2200 has already been sent to the ML (not merged yet).


Oh wow, yes this is the answer I was hoping for. I was searching on github commit, but I guest github is on mirror of this system. Is there anything I can do to help test / speed up the review/merge?

Build an image with the patch, test it, and report back by replying to the e-mail with a Tested-by.

Thanks, I created a github PR

This is in 22.03.0-rc3 (and also master). I'm able to install the OpenWrt images.
But, I can't get back to factory firmware using the published uboot instructions ( The uboot web uploads of factory firmware (from aren't booting up the factory firmware, they go back to the uboot web upload. If I upload another OpenWrt image, then that boots fine.

Any clue what's needed to get back to factory firmware? Or is going to OpenWrt a one-way trip?

Is the OpenWrt only (non GLi) Image supporting the ZigBee functionality of the device?

I contacted their support team through their forums ( and got a private copy of a partition-table cleanup image. I installed that via uboot, then installed factory firmware via uboot. And then once I confirmed that was possible, I installed OpenWrt 22.03.0-rc4.