Gl.inet gl-b1300 wireless issues

Hi guys,

I recently received a gl.inet b1300 and the wifi is unstable. I have set it on channel 56 next to an Archer C7 running on channel 36. Both channel ranges seem to be clear from interference according to my mobile's wifi analyser. I face the following issues:

  1. Signal strength seems to go up and down. Archer C7 always shows full bars at my desk while the b1300 goes from a single bar to full bars. My mobile's wifi analyzer confirms this.

  2. The router changes channel to 149 by itself (from 56). This has happened now twice in the last 24 hours.

Other than that, speeds are really good! :wink: Does anyone have any experience with this router and faced similar issues? I am on the latest (19.07.4) firmware

This is because channel 56 is a DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) channel in most parts of the world. Meaning: if the WiFi card sees anything resembling a weather radar, it runs away to avoid interference.

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