GL-inet GL-B1300: luci-proto-wireguard

GL-inet seems helpless to assist me generate the public key for Wireguard client. I am unable to install luci package luci-proto-wireguard (not found). It is my understanding with this I would be able to setup an interface for Wireguard which would expose options for key generation

Not sure what you mean this? Any wireguard client can produce the public key, given you have the private key?
On linux all you do is:
wg genkey | tee privatekey | wg pubkey > publickey
This will generate the private/public key and write it to the two files, you can simply open or cat those to copy and paste.

You could even use a macOS/Windows10 client and create a empty connection, since the publickey will be generated as soon as you change the private key in the text interface.

PrivateKey =