GL.iNet GL-AXT1800 / Slate AX

Hi everyone.

I bought a GL-AXT1800 router, but it is still not officially supported in the OpenWrt repository.
I know that there are several forks with some patches for this router (for example, this one -
But there are still no changes for this router in the OpenWrt repository.
Can I sponsor firmware development for this router to make it officially supported?
And how much could it cost? 5k$? 10k$?


Openwrt isn't the blocker.
Pay Qualcomm to add/improve the SoC support in mainline Linux.

Someone will have to get the qualcommax/ipq60xx (sub-)target off the ground, that is the major burden (and there's still a lot left to do for that). Once that is finished, adding additional ipq60xx devices is relatively simple in comparison. Sadly QCA isn't really good at mainlining (or even testing!) their SOC support, leaving a lot that needs fixing (their QSDK with its own kernel v4.4.60 is very different from anything that could be merged into OpenWrt and maintained long term).

…and no, the referenced pull request against Telecominfraproject doesn't help with this in the slightest, as they take the cheap route out of using the QSDK underneath.

You can try this. JiaY-shi/openwrt at ipq60xx-devel (

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