GL.iNet GL-AR750S - Install packages on SD card?

GL-AR750S has an SD card slot - can I use that for extra storage space for software/packages, etc.?

Possible using “extroot”, but using the 128 MB NAND is more robust and easier.

NAND is supported by the GL.iNet firmware as well as a long-pending PR for OpenWrt.


Will be waiting for the PR then.


Sorry for hijacking this thread, but I am unable to see the SD card reader on my installation, and I'm wondering which kmod's are required?

lsusb takes several seconds to complete, and shows only the root hub, if there is nothing plugged in to the external port, while I can see any connected device if I plug something in and activate the GPIO to power the device. It is my understanding that the SD card reader hangs off a combined USB hub/SD reader chip, but I don't even see that when I lsusb.

Does that need to be powered on separately?

I don't know what version you're running. I fixed the GPIO for the USB early this year, but the PR has been sitting there, without meaningful review. In the mean time, commit 0f6b944c92 added a fixed regulator to power the USB. It is present on openwrt-19.07 and master, but not openwrt-18.06

Until either the project reviews this months-old PR or I give up, building from

will give you the best functionality from the device.

Fantastic, thanks for responding so quickly, and for doing all that work!

In the meantime, I have dug into the OpenWRT sources, and saw a fairly recent commit to the ar750s device tree bindings that enables that USB hub. It seems that my snapshot is older than that, though! Looks like time for me to rebuild and update my router!

The other thing I am trying to do with it is see if I can get it working as a USB gadget. Unfortunately, the data sheet shows that the second usb port is indeed device-capable, but that port is connected via the USB hub to the SD card reader, and the internal USB header pins. The external USB host port is however directly connected to the first USB port on the SoC, so I'm hoping that while the data sheet doesn't explicitly say it works, it might just work anyway!

Still trying to figure out what incantation to change in the dts file to test it out, though! Looks like a 'dr_mode ="peripheral"' might do the trick! And if that works, I am going to try to convince GL.Inet to spin a second revision with the USB hub connected to the first port on the SoC, and the second port connected directly to the microUSB connector.

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