GL.iNet GL-AR150 - static LAN and WAN dhcp

But GL.iNet GL-AR150 for USBIP solution(remote keybord,mouse and storage)

  1. Install firmware from
  2. Booting with UART console.
  3. LAN(eth1) port connected thought PATCHCORD to another LAN computer. On computer static IP
  4. WAN(eth0) connected to Internet, but not did not receive IP.
  5. On UART console setting static IP on eth1(LAN) AND PING not working from PC or from GL-AR150!!!

What problem?

Please use complete sentences.

I would surmise you didn't install it. Also, you provide vague information.

Not enough information.

By default, this is usually eth0 LAN / eth1 WAN. Perhaps that's your issue.

Oh, I don't known about WAN(eth1)/LAN(eth0). In firmware default setting WAN(eth0)/LAN(eth1) or maybe I mistaked setting static IP.

Thanks for answer. I changed interfaces and ping wotking. But not working DHCP on WAN and important DNS.
I try:

uci set network.wan.dns=""
uci commit network
service network reload
but resolving not working yet.

This all works by default too. Can you provide more information (configs)?

Are you sure that's correct???

Very thanks, i remove own DNS settings and now DNS resolvinf working perfect!
After I install kmod-usb-ohci usbip-server usbip-client pakacges and usb keyboard and mouse binded succesful.
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