GL.iNET Flint 2 (GL-MT6000) discussions

@gssjshark, @nxhack, and @apccv -- I wonder if you might consider starting a new thread specific to these issues you're seeing. It might help get more, and better focused, visibility into your issue--perhaps gaining suggestions even from other (read: non-MT6000) device owners who might have ideas.

Regardless, I find this very interesting because I have 3 x MT6000s and in my current build (r26086-1b190dfd3a) I run 3 x 2.4Ghz SSIDs, 2 x 5Ghz SSIDs, WPA3 enabled on two of the three SSIDs, WED + Bridger, 802.11r/k/v with Usteer, etc. and don't see the issues you guys are mentioning. Not at all claiming you're mistaken about seeing the issues you see, but I suspect there is something bigger in play here. Again, perhaps a new thread would be a more ideal place to dive into those specifics and nuances.

I am especially interested in seeing if we can figure this one out. I also seem to be unable to effectively communicate with hosts that are connected directly to my MT6000s. (e.g. See Here) I have done some testing/experimenting with various hairpinning settings, to no avail. Would be great to get this one figured out.

On a related, but somewhat hypothetical note... I am debating making my build available, sans some things like SSH keys and such that I bake in, for testing. Not sure if that would help or hurt the troubleshooting. Just thinking out-loud right now.