GL.iNet Beryl (GL MT1300) - Not working wifi built in

actually it is not Travelmate, it's Wifi Hotspot Management that's working with the Beryl to have wifi connect to hotspot.

I was able to get wifi working on both 2.4 Ghz and 5.0 Ghz using the latest snapshot after 21.02.1. The default configuration has both radio0 and radio1 configured for 5.0 Ghz, so I think the wifi config command may not be reading the radios correctly. In any event, by changing the default configuration for radio0 to use 2.4 Ghz, I was able to get both bands working.

uci set
uci set wireless.radio0.hwmode=11g
uci set wireless.radio0.htmode=HT20
uci set
uci commit

This resulted in both bands being used for access points correctly.

I was unable to get travelmate to work, however. I setup an access point on the 5.0 Ghz band, and my plan was to use the 2.4 Ghz band for client connections on travelmate. So I configured travelmate to scan only on radio0.

uci set
uci set
uci commit

However, after rebooting, the wireless on both bands became unstable. I was unable to connect to the access point configured on the 5.0 Ghz, and the only way I could connect to the router was through a wired lan connection. I then disabled travelmate, and everything worked again.

The wifi driver that you need for the GL MT300 is not available for OpenWrt.

so.. turns out the Gl.iNet-MT1300-GO2021-11-25-AB21 version of ROOter Autobuilds is the only firmware I have been able to successfully use Travelmate and have the wifi connection to another wifi...

I've been through at least 10 different firmware since last night, the best working is above, and it uses MediaTek MT7615E drivers.

Can you send the link?

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Yes - please can you send a link to the 11-25 version. I think the autobuilds has been trimmed and there isn't an image that old.

I'm actually the keeper of the ROOter autobuild system, and keep an offline copy of all the old images. I've uploaded a copy of the requested 11-25 image to the uploads folder on the site, here, in case it is useful. User @bejam brought it to my attention over at the ROOter support site.

More info per my original response over there:

My understanding is that wifi shouldn't work better for that one either, so if it does, I'm definitely interested to hear. DM has been working off and on to get wifi going for the GL-MT1300, but my understanding of the progress there has been that it needs proprietary drivers supplied by GL.iNet that shouldn't be present yet in our autobuild systems. I know DM experimented with trying to backport that driver in manually back around January, but doing so broke several other things in the build system, so whatever he changed had to be rolled back.

There are three other manually built images for the GL-MT1300 in the uploads folder too that may have been part of the process of trying to get the wifi working. If the autobuild image I just uploaded doesn't do what you need, it may be worth trying those as well.

If that image does work better, I know @Dairyman and I would definitely be interested in hearing confirmation of that over in the support thread. Meanwhile, I'll leave that 11-25 image up for the foreseeable future, until we either hear it's no better than the other current images, or have confirmed support in a current build system.

I have done some further testing on this and have travelmate vaguely working with the 01-22 build. Please see the post on the other thread

Am i missing something that interesting router discussions are at a whirlpool forum?

I wanted to buy an MT-1300 myself and install 21.02.3 and later when its release 22.x.

But i stumbled upon this thread about wifi problems , that makes me doubt a future with this router as i dont want stock firmware.