GL iNet B1300 vs. Linksys WRT1200ac

Currently, I have both GL iNet B1300 and Linksys WRT1200ac; both of them are (and will be continuously run) OpenWrt.

I noticed that they have a similar CPU, wireless spec (dual band, support up to 80Mhz channel for 5Ghz, and 2:2:2 MiMO) and a gigabyte WAN port (I'm not concerning about the number of LAN port, RAM, and Flash).

Speaking about the wireless performance (especially with about 10-15 clients on the 5Ghz channel), which one is better.

By the way, their CPU and Wireless chip vendors are different (Qualcomm vs Marvell), you can mention which one brand is better (for OpenWrt)

The WRT1200AC will probably be a bit faster in the end even though it has "only" two cores but much higher clockspeed. Regarding wifi they're pretty much the same however compatibility and stability between clients will be different so you need to evaulate that yourself.