GL-iNet B1300 flashing OpenWrt

Hi guys, I have an GL-iNet model B1300 which I want to flash clean OpenWRT. There is installation comment here: that it is not possible to flash it from stock firmware via Web UI nor sysupgrade, but there is no information about how to do that.

Please can you refer me any tutorial, article or just some hint where I can find that information? Thank you.

Welcome to the other side!

You might want to read through

From that reference and my experience with the GL.iNet units, the U-Boot that they supply is very full-featured. I'd try, from the referenced commit, "Method 2"

Method 2:

  • push down reset button and power on
  • wait until three leds constantly on then release
  • upgrade by uboot web at


  • the sysupgrade image need to be renamed to lede-gl-b1300.bin in both method.
  • the sysupgrade image can be automatically downloaded if tftp server at have that file.
  • the wifi led will be flashing when writing image.

First of all thank you jeff :slight_smile: I have another question - what do you mean with "Welcome to the other side!"? Is there any "side-ing" between GL-iNet and official clean OpenWRT? If so, is there any discussion about that and what is the difference between GL-iNet "clean" firmwares and clean OpenWRT (

...or maybe you just want to cheer me, because you send a reply to my topic in GL-iNet forum... but question above is still interesting for me :wink:

Just that I recalled seeing your posts on the GL.iNet board recently!

From what I've seen GL.iNet keeps their firmware reasonably current with OpenWrt and their changes are primarily additive -- NAND support for their specific devices, for example, or the set of packages that provide the GL.iNet "experience" (with the usual LuCI interface available as "Advanced").

Their choice of providing a U-Boot version with browser access is a good example of their approach to things; make it easy for end users. If you've got knowledge of electronics design and fabrication, when you open their units you can that while they are inexpensive, they aren't cheap on the inside, just well-designed with a specific price point in mind.

At least in my opinion, the GL.iNet firmware provides some great functionality for many users, especially in travel / repeater situations. I've got two AR750S ("Slate") units and one of them runs a development version of OpenWrt, the other, stock GL.iNet firmware. As much as I'm a command-line guy, when I'm on the road, the robust simplicity of the GL.iNet interface is an advantage.

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