GL.iNet AX1800

Hi All,

About to replace my Nighthawk router with this due to it having built in phone tethering and wifi repeater mode with fallback. I see it only has one USB port, does anyone know if that can be extended? I have a 4-port USB block with external power supply that I've been using on my Pi without issues...


It's not supported by OpenWrt, but sure, why not.

"It" ... being the AX1800 or the USB block? Cause the spec page on the AX shows:

Flint (GL-AX1800) comes with OpenWrt operating system. The root access is granted for users to fully customize and optimize your devices. The extra storage also brings you a local drive to install different applications.

I'm not sure if there's a specific pkg needed for extended USB support or if it's built in like other Linux flavored OS's.


It being the AX1800.

And yes, it runs openwrt, but all routers do, even the (here) unsupported ones.

To get some context, read Easiest/fastest way to get an OpenWrt Router: Gl.iNet

OK, this "Flint" has officially replaced my old Nighthawk router. :grinning: Between plugging it up and the time it took to stash away all the excess cabling, it even managed to partially set itself up. Went to the web interface and the internet was already configured and running. The 4-port USB block works right out of the box, showing my (2) HDDs, one with a separate EXT4 partition. Got those configured to show up as Windows shares, and both my Pi's backed up as per their routines. Phone tethering works great.

Remaining concerns are "repeater" mode only works at 2.4g even though our phones and this Flint both are 5g capable. Could be the phones (LG G6) or the fact that they're stuck at Android v8.0. And there doesn't seem to be a "backup settings" button anywhere. There is a button to access the router via it's LUCi interface, and there is a backup there, but not sure what I'm getting...

Very happy with this right now, even though it's not 100% OpenWrt. :upside_down_face: