GL-iNet AX1800 new router - OpenWrt support?

Belkin RT3200 is horrible at range coverage. Don't buy it.

Wasn't going to, it's not fast(er) enough compared to my AC2600s ...

For me I get better coverage then my WRT32x, I replaced it with an RT3200 and performance has been great though 2 walls.

Thanks for the useful script @solidus1983, I've been able to build openWRT using ubuntu and flash it on the router. So far its working great, no issues. On the opkg I get an error on update though, sh: update_plugins_db: not found, do you know what the issue is or of a fix? Thanks

I also get that error however unsure how to fix it, but it can be safely ignored for now.

I am concentrating on getting GL-AX1800 on OpenWRT fully so that we aren't using OpenWiFi's (TIP) which is what Gl-iNet is using right now.

However, will need a lot of help to get there.

Need some testers, OpenWRT native for flint is booting and can be flashed via uboot. DM me please.

Thanks to a few members of this community for helping out you know who you are.


A friend of mine has a flint and I have a usb serial ft232rl uart cable.

In a game right now will send link after for image. Will need to be flashed in uboot gui mode.

I have already used . Thank you for your contribution.

Which one have you used the infrabuild or the openwrt build??

the openwrt build ,kernel 5.15

Where did you get the image from? Only shared it with 3 people.

I used your source code and I compiled it.

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Ah ok, no problem how did you get it to flash in uboot as there is a script missing in that repo that gl-inet uses for factory image.

Also how is the build right now is it stable?

There is a small problem. When I use the adguardhome, the oom will be triggered, and it will be killed by the kernel.

The 2.7 version of the ath11 firmware will cause the kernel to crash. So I use version 2.5.

Ps: I can give you a new uboot firmware.
Pss: I am in Chinese Mainland, so my english is all through translation software.

No problem DM me bud.

So 2.7 wireless driver is unstable?

Can you give me your email? I'll send you the uboot firmware.

When I use version 2.7, I start or close wifi, which will cause the kernel to crash.

Send me a DM as my email isn't public.

Also did you use the ax1800 branch?

yes,i use the ax1800 branch and add gl-axt1800 support。

If you want to send me a PR I would gladly accept.