GL.iNet AR750 pre-installed LEDE?

I found this gl products, does anyone has bought it? is it support LEDE?

There is currently no official LEDE support for GL-AR750.

It's interesting...

On GL.iNet's website, they are marketing this travel router as having OpenWrt/LEDE pre-installed, and offering a lede-ar750-2.263.bin firmware file for download...

"Official" not, but sources exists:

What are the chances that this device will receive "official" support, since sources are already available?
I'd love to buy it, since it appears to be a rather cheap 2.4/5 G device with nice hardware,
but only if LEDE would officially support it (so I get long-term updates).

See this post by @tmomas in a previous thread...

Thanks! Sadly, the ToH does not appear to allow to filter for "device size" / "suited for travelling". Filtering for devices of type "Travel Router" with A/C, I find no hit...
AR750 2.4G and 5G and is small enough to carry along when travelling.

I also just discovered this cute little machine.
Looks nearly ideal to me. I like the two LAN sockets this also enables to make more interesting travel LAN's possible

Support included in:

Wow - many thanks! Will buy the device and start tinkering :smile:

Is this working 100% or are there any issues? I see a few people have used this over on the TravelMate project. Looking to run 802.11r AP node on this with the full wpad package.