Gl.inet ar150 Ethernet to USB

Hi working with my ar150 and an 3.0 usb hub (connected to usb 2.0 port) to get more antennas (usb dongles). Is there a way to use a Ethernet to USB adapter to try to get faster speed from the board to the USB hub ?? I guess there should be some driver that transform my eth1 into usb or link eth1 to board as an USB ? Any clue or it is just nonsense ???

My usb hub is powered !

You can use an Eth2USB adapter, as long as it is supported (I have one that is working), but don't expect great results in speed...

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Why not ? I have a usb 3.0 to Gb Ethernet adapter plus a 3.0 hub , ar150 as a Gb plug ! So it should be faster that way than through usb 2.0 plug ?

CPU MHz: 400

Hi @lleachii was waiting for you !!
Ok kind of getting that but wasn’t even sure I could use a usb to Ethernet as a Ethernet to usb! Would it work ? Does a ethernet over usb driver does the usb over Ethernet too ? How the system will see my usb hub attached to the Ethernet port of the router ? Thanks :pray: I’ll unpack my mini router for test next week.

I have to concur with @trendy:


I think you should study both technologies to understand they are not the same. I"m lost at why the question was asked.'re connecting a USB hub on an Ethernet port!?!?

HUH!?!? Please clearly explain what device you have; and what you intend to do with it.

If you're trying to plug the Ethernet adapter into a USB hub - in order to send that USB data over the Ethernet adapter...I think you're confused.

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I’ll read about it or at least try to. In the meanwhile,if you have time, try to re read my first post.

Taused Dank

In a nutshell:
Your bottleneck here is the cpu, if not the usb speed. No matter if the dongle is gigabit and the hub usb3, the weakest link are CPU and the board USB port.
I am referring to an Ethernet dongle that connects to a USB port, not transferring USB over Ethernet.

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I agree with @trendy. To be clear, your CPU is a bottleneck that will prevent it, whether USB-2-Ethernet or Ethernet-2-USB.

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Ok I got that ! But does the usb2eth works both ways ??

Or second option with the

Are there devices cheaper than this:



No, usb2eth is for sharing a usb device (printer, camera, keyboard, whatever) plugged on one PC to another PC over network.
eth2usb is an additional network interface, that connects to the usb port of your PC/router/whatever.

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