Gl/inet AR150 and smart DNS

Just bought this GL OpenWRT-based router. My VPN/Smart DNS provider has tried to help me as my ISP seems to have just introduced "transparent dns proxy". Upshot is I cannot watch BBC iPlayer in Cyprus as I used to be able to do.

Nice guy at Cactus VPN sent me a tutorial for Open WRT router to get around this issue/change..but I cannot see the relevant place to put 4 lines of data on the GUI of the GL/inet AR150. I can only assume a} I am thick/blind OR b}...assume what I am looking at is a custom Open WRT GUI/set of menus that Gi use when shipping these routers..i.e what I can "see" is not a stock OpenWRT set of menus that the guy at Cactus is basing his tutorial on?

Tutorial says">Go to System → Startup, swipe down the page till the Local Startup and input the copied commands from the 4th step before the "exit 0" row and Submit."

I cant find anywhere on the menus of the GL/inet AR150 to input these 4 lines of data?? Help..anyone!? thanks

  • What version of OpenWrt are you using?
  • What are the comands?

Since its not pure OpenWrt, you may wanna ask the builder of the firmware.

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As far as I know the GLinet is not exactly the same as the OpenWrt. However you should be able to find some place to add one time commands that are executed at startup.
There is also the option to add them in crontab.
@reboot commands

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thanks for prompt response Ileachii..

hope you don't think me rude ( I'm not)..its pretty late here and I'm pretty old (my wife says I need to give up messing with this stuff!) I will hook up the GL router tomorrow and put the details on here ..thanks again for your interest/potential help..much appreciated.

trendy ..many thanks for your input..appreciate will become apparent I am both pretty old and a OpenWRT virgin (crontab?..I don't think I take those yet.. lol) ..will try to learn quick! I said to Ileachii I'll post again in the morning when have hooked up the new router again..night!

p.s hope I can fix this..all due to my isp here in Cyprus starting to use transparent dns proxy (so say)..which means I can't see UK tv online like BBC iPlayer that was ok before with my service from Cactus VPN (well most of the time it worked ok!)

Edit: "LuCI" in the instructions refers to "Advanced" settings in the GL.iNet firmware (at least for v3).

For those assisting here, the v3 GL.iNet firmware is closely based on v18.06

$ git log -1 $(git merge-base glinet/develop openwrt/openwrt-18.06)
commit 70255e3d62 (tag: v18.06.1, v18.06.1)
Author: Jo-Philipp Wich <redacted>
Date:   Thu Aug 16 18:36:48 2018 +0200

    OpenWrt v18.06.1: adjust config defaults
    Signed-off-by: Jo-Philipp Wich <redacted>
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ta Jeff..from memory my router has come with v2 something my first job will be to update it to the v3 something that I saw was available. I was going to try and convert router to DD_WRT but I think have changed my mind based on summat i read. -- for a "visual"

I run the "testing" version of the GL.iNet firmware when I flash my GL-AR300M and GL-AR750S units with their firmware. It looks like will get you there.

cheers..will look int that tmrrw. I have tutorials from Cactus VPN for both DDWRT and OpenWRT routers..must say othey have been very helpful..BBC iPlayer in particular has been a right pain for them via their SmartDNS service (that I subscribe to in addition to their VPN which I find is good) the moment I believe they are "ahead" of the BBC.

Also and I can download programmes from local 4G/3G on my UK-based (Three network) phone..but being as I am technically "roaming" I have limited data even on my unlimited data contract (..well until EU rules change if UK leaves I guess??)...unlike with my local Wisp-based ISP (who themselves hook into/ use the State run CYTA.

update - I found the Gl ar150 menus etc ..thanks to all who helped. I tried to do everything that was in the Cactus VPN tutorial vis a vis fixing open-WRT DNS settings when the/your ISP starts/is using TDPS (Transparent DNS Proxy Settings) ..( I think!) ..all seemed to go according to guide(s)..

..made no difference!! Live and learn?..will correspond with my contact at Cactus tmrrw.