Gl.inet 6416:Installing v. beyond 19.x bricks the router (solved)

Sorry for the noob like question but I am wondering what I am missing when upgrading my gl.inet 6416 to a version beyond 19.x. So far all my attempts concluded in bricking the router althought such an upgrade appears to be possible because there is a thread about some minor problems encountered with v21.x on the very same model.
[GL-INET 6416 no USB with 21.02.0-rc1]
BTW this is not my first major version upgrade I do, so any insight on why this router would be different from another gl.inet (ar-750s for example) would be appreciated.

did you check the reset settings check box when doing the upgrade ?

Good point and thanks for asking as the obvious is often the culprit. It´s been a while since I tried but I´m positive I checked that box precisely because it would brick the router. I attempted twice on different days so I doubt I would make such a mistake twice. Maybe I started from the wrong image? kernel or sysupgrade in this case?

sysupgrade, if you're already running openwrt.

there's big change for ar71xx going past 19.x which requires a reset.

Thanks, I will attempt again knowing this.
I know this router is outdated but since it is small and has a very low power consumption, I want to use it as a dedicated low volume private VPN server behind the provider's router.

update: On my first attempt, I was probably using a corrupted image or missed a coffee or two, but the incremental upgrade 19->21->22->23 worked like a charm today. Solved, thanks

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