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Hi all,
I recently installed the latest firmware on my GL-B2200 router. I use it as an access point. The main router is my flint. When I log into lucy interface I noticed that flint uses 21.x firmware and velika uses 15.x. If I try to update only the openvrt firmware by installing a file through the lucy interface, will I lose the GL.iNet firmware or will it stay?
I am new in these questions, so do not judge strictly.

Everything will be replaced by the openwrt FW.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
Too bad, thought it would be possible to level them to the same version.

why would you want that ?
do you see any advantages with the gl.inet firmware, except for the UI ?

I was actually just thinking of keeping it for quick configuration, but now I'm faced with the fact that I need to put a plugin and it's not supported by this version.

Now I'm trying to put in an openvrt and something's wrong.
I went to the vrt website, selected the model, version 22.x. I downloaded it, I thought I would update it via Lucy. When I try to download, it says that the file is invalid.
I ended up with 3 files with 3 different extensions:
In the end, none of them want to.
Went to the GL website, put the router in firmware mode (press reset, de-raj and power on), got to the firmware page. Uploaded the file first, loads, reloaded, still GL. With each tried, the result is the same.
What am I doing wrong? And, if possible, write step by step what to do.;a=commit;h=febc2b831f633d8d6648267952bd43c35689c36f

ssh installation doesn't work, it says:
wget not a http or ftp url

I got the command from the website with the instructions.
I am installing through lucy and I get an error like file type

what did you expect, git commit specifically says
Normal sysupgrade, either via CLI or LuCI, is not possible from stock firmware.

oh, missed that point.

then which part did you read ?

I started by linking to the instructions on the wiki site. Now I'm reading the link on gid and I can't understand under this file:

the author is referring to this file, but renamed?

The file name will change with every release, that's why he/she didn't write out the whole full name, but used a *.

and no, the result is the same. Velika tries to update, but after rebooting I get to 8.1 IP and see the standard GL firmware.

So another question, what are those files at the bottom and what is the difference between them?

then walk us through your install process ...

they're openwrt specific definitions of the router, sw and hw wise.
every device have those, and they're also unique for every device.

Just like the main manual said, I take the bike, hit the reset button, power up and hold the button until 5 blue signals. Then I put it down and set the laptop's IP to with a mask of

Then google chrome, and select the file archived.
I click install and wait a minute. Velika blinks cheerfully with lights, then restart, blue light. As soon as I see white, I change the ipi to dynamic. I check the IP and I see

I assume you unpacked it 1st ... ?


Yay, I bored her.
It finally decided to accept the new firmware.
I had to download the 22.03.0 firmware and it installed it

Thanks so much for mentoring and putting up with my weird questions)

Congrats !

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