GL-B2200 in repeater mode guest wifi works with limitation

Using the principle of the lan repeater on one of my GL-B2200s, I made it into a repeater with synchronisation via wire.
Not long ago I discovered that the guest wifi works very strangely. When I connect a smartphone to it, the latter writes that the Internet is not available. At the same time, I can use telegram, instagram, signal and youtube without any problems. As soon as I open chrome on my phone, I can't get anywhere.
At first I thought that the problem was in the firewall and rebuilt the access point according to the instructions on the website:

But it didn't help at all. I have a very remote idea of what exactly the problem is and would appreciate it if you could explain to me where I've messed up.

If you used

should the device be configured as a dumb AP, since you appear to have a wired connection ?


From the very beginning I wanted to make a repeater out of Velika, but I didn't want to do it via wifi, so I decided to experiment with the cable. By the way, only the guest network works like this. The other two work fine