GL-B1300 WiFi Speed and project question

Hello there. My english is not very good, sorry about that. I have some questions about OpenWrt. I hope that someone can help me out.

  1. I was using four MAP-AC2200 for a long time (currently with lastest stable version) and I did not get any speed above 350-390 Mbps using 5Ghz with all tricks found on this forum and howto pages. So I purchase a GL-B1300 (currently with lastest stable version of vanilla OpenWrt) and I have the exact same problem. It is supposed to be the best speed? If not, what I am doing wrong?

  2. GL-iNet is not that cheap. By a little more I can purchase some powerful hardware. Are the collaborating in any way with this project? I mean with code or money? If they are collaborating I will stick them, if not I think that I will purchase other brand and do some donation to the project.


That sounds about right for ipq40xx/ qca4019.

Exactly (well, almost, ipq4019 vs ipq4018) the same SOC, very similar speeds are to be expected.

qca4018/ qca4019 is a 2x2 wireless chipset, stating a gross link data rate of 866 MBit/s - at the best of time, you could maybe get ~half of that in practice. Your values aren't that far off and very reasonable in a real-world environment for IEEE 802.11ac/ wave2 and a 2x2 radio (and the SOC will be pretty busy handling the wireless interrupts as well).


Thank you very much. Do you know if GL-iNet collaborate in any way with this project? If not I think that I will go for EAP-225 that it is proven to get more 600Mbps.

Not really. Occassionally, when it's easy (SOC already supported in OpenWrt), they may provide device support patches for their devices - when it would be more difficult, they stick to the vendor SDK. I wouldn't expect them to monitor bugs in OpenWrt about their devices.

That is more than could be said for many other vendors, but probably won't help you.

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Thank you one more time. I will go for EAP-225 just to test if I can get the same speed with OpenWrt as the stock firmware and donate to the project. By the way: OpenWrt should use referral links to aliexpress to get some money from GL-iNet if they are not doing nothing for the community. There are a lot of big projects like Tasmota doing that and its works to get some dirty money :slight_smile:

always better to link to the product page, since it's less likely to contain errors, while sellers (and products) come and go on AX and other sites.

They often send code for supporting their own devices, or at least publish the source and somebody goes and copies their code, which is better than most.

But no they do not collaborate or donate to OpenWrt, so feel free to buy any hardware you want

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He is talking about making money, not using a seller page for product information.

Referral links are special links. The seller platform (Aliexpress in this case) knows people using that link come from OpenWrt site and will pay a little commission to OpenWrt project.
It's like a little sponsorship deal, most seller platform sites support this function but it requires some accounts and settings.

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It's something more than nothing but they can do more.

Quite so!

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