Gl-ar750s, bricked, wiki confusing, which file?


I've flashed other devices before by going to the devices openwrt page, and just using the first file that pops up. And never had a problem before.

But in this particular wiki page there's talk about 3 or 4 different files.


After some research I tried this file:

glinet_gl-ar750s-nor-nand-initramfs-kernel.bin 92a8962febb50621ee64f243fe1cb8697d73a9bd0ed2e32e4405a5b3f82300ed


I chose this file because this thread said initramds is for upgrading FROM OEM (Gl-inet?) to OpenWRT: Wich one should I use?(initramfs-kernel vs squashfs-sysupgrade)

Why is the device instruction page so confusing? Now I have a brick.

So I tried failsafe, holding reset for 5 seconds, light goes solid in middle but cannot login. The device I'm connecting from doesn't see an IP for the device.

Can somebody explain what to do to unbrick and which file I am supposed to use so I can have OpenWRT and not vendor BS with their china servers installed.

I have UART usb device if need be.

But I'm not expert.

Thank you.


Solved, follow the stupidity here, hopefully it will save you some time: The horrendous and lazy written Slate firmware upgrade page

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