GL-AR750 wireless connection issues


firstly I'm very sorry if this is the wrong forum for my questions and if that is correct it would be great if you could direct me to the correct one.

Now to my problem:

I'm using OpenWrt version 18.06 on a GL-AR750 and the wpa_supplicant to connect to an 802.1x network.

I'm not very experienced with networking, router configuration or linux, because of that I configured the supplicant and network using a combination of testing and a guide I found online.

For the most part I don't experience any problems regarding connectivity or speed, but sometimes I get randomly disconnected from the network and need to restart the wpa_supplicant process.

This seems to happen at random intervals without any obvious reasons. Sadly I can't find (or understand) any information about the error in the systems log.
Because of that I wasn't able to try any troubleshooting on my on.

It would be great if anyone could help me out with that issue.

  1. can you be any more specific about random intervals?
  2. can you share the exact settings you've used with relation to wireless deviating from a default config?
  3. can you let us known the exact version...
ubus call system board | grep 18

or just check in luci... ( at the bottom of every page )

Could be mean alot of things....

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  1. it seems to happen once or twice per day nearly every night and sometimes around 10-12am. In the last few days it occurred more frequently at other times in the evening.

  2. My wireless network is set up as default, I just changed the wpa_supplicant config to fill in the needed login information.

  3. Sorry I hope this is the full version number: OpenWrt 18.06.4 r7808-ef686b7292

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The other side is running on what? ( hardware / os / anything else special )
Are you using other clients with the AP and all they are/have always ran fine?

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I assume AP means access point?
If so there is just one cellphone (android 9) and a desktop pc (win 10) connected. The PC is connected via ethernet.

Both loose their connection to the internet at the same time. Because of that I assumed the problem can't be related to them or the cable/wifi itself.

Would indicate that your client is not the issue.

So you say it is probably the network I'm connecting to?

Hard to say when you haven't explained much about it...

Oh you meant the network I'm connecting to?

Sorry I don't know much about that it's the network of my university or to be more specific the network of my student home.

You can try to turn the wifi rate down, for example, to 144.4M.
In the case of heavy interference, you need to do something between performance and stability.

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wardrivers unless it has always been happening then @luochongjun 's advice should be followed... you can also run a monitoring app on your phone / laptop depending on featureset... you should be able to get a nice picture of "air congestion/probers"

holding your hand near the device at various times to gauge heat would be another thing you can keep an eye on... or just cheat and stick a small fan next to it for a few days and see if the issues subside...