GL-AR750 bricked after firmware upgrade (18.06.4)

Hi all,

OpenWRT noob here. I'm a bit annoyed by the default distribution that comes with my router and would like to install stock OpenWRT instead. I followed the instructions on the GL-AR750 wiki page. After uploading the firmware ( from the Luci admin panel, I get disconnected from the Wifi and wait a few minutes. After like 10 minutes I try to connect to the router via ethernet cable but it doesn't respond to either SSH or web interface. I then have to follow the debrick procedure and re-install the GL-inet firmware.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there another firmware image I should try?


GL-AR750 or GL-AR750S ("Slate")?

Assuming the "no-S" unit, that looks like the proper firmware. Another option would be

OpenWrt defaults to (not the of the GL.iNet OEM firmware). I would not preserve settings if you're flashing from GL.iNet to OpenWrt.

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Thanks. Yes, it is definitely the GL-AR750 (not the Slate). I did not preserve settings and did try to connect to From what I understand, the release you suggested doesn't come with Luci?

Does OpenWrt respond to ping?
Is your client PC using an IP address from the network?

Affirmative to both questions if I recall correctly. I'll try again to make sure.

I have read that the v19 builds contain LuCI. I have not confirmed it myself.

The 18.06 builds will be very similar to the GL.iNet v3 builds, just without the GL.iNet UI and “travel” packages they provide. LuCI is available in the “Advanced” section of the GL.iNet builds.

When you connect the ethernet cable; have you tried setting your NIC to get its address via DHCP and seen if you got a response?