GL-AR300M-Lite dataentry

@jeff Does;a=commit;h=fefa34def84561688e6af2feeec2dbb390ba4486 obsolete this comment in the AR-300M-Lite dataentry?

Comment installation: Be careful as single-Ethernet device; connectivity after reset not confirmed

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Thanks! I hadn't noticed that had been accepted!

Edits made to the device page (which, strangely, isn't showing the OpenWrt firmware in some of the tables) as well as to the techdata. Hopefully I used the right button :wink:

Suggestion: Would it be possible to move the "device page" entry up on the techdata template? I always end up hunting for it down in the depths.

It would be possible...

...but I think if we are moving the devicepage up, we should also move the forum search up, in order to move it more into the user's focus.

The git search can also be a good source of information... uhm... up that too?

Then what about wikidevi and OEM device homepage...?

Let's see:

Hmmm... pulling OEM homepage and OEM firmware link apart doesn't make sense, they should stay together for easy maintenance.

Some rearrangement:

Hmmm.... not sure about this. Feels a bit top-heavy.

@jeff @richb-hanover-priv (of course all others too) Your thoughts?

My use case is that I search using Google for a specific device and often get the old-wiki page and the techdata page in the results. Making it easier to get to the current device page was the basis of my request.

("Perhaps a mod could split this out into another thread or edit the title" :wink:)

I fixed that now by adding a second datatable for the snapshots, and hiding the still empty release datatable.

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Sorry for capturing this thread, but I believe to find some attention :wink:

I have a GL-AR300M Lite, used it on OpenWRT for a while. Now I wanted to reconfigure, but as I couldn't access LuCI easily I resetted it, just as one could do with other OpenWRT devices and end up with LuCI on

Instead, I received Uboot screen on, no problem so far, but if I try to flash the "Lite"-variant of an OpenWRT image, I see via Wireshark that the Ethernet port is sending out some ICMPv6 and DHCP Discover, reading the Wiki pages it appears to me that the port is configured for WAN instead of LAN, even if it says the Lite variants should have the ports configured for LAN, but then I don't know whether I have configuration fragments left on the device avoiding the desired config. Does anyone have a clue how to best access the LuCI interface ?
Do I need to solder UART, it's not a BIG deal, but I'd prefer a SW solution.

I tried some older builds, as I thought it could have happened that some patch was lost, but it didn't help so far.

Lite HW is supposed to have only NOR, but UBoot offers me to flash NAND as well, and it seems to work, though I'm not sure, it could well be trying to boot the old FW - that's a bit confusing.

Thanks a lot.

Update (Yeah, I know that was fast, but I was trying A LOT before writing the above).

I now went to the first available "Lite" build 19.07.0, and that went ok (flashed via UBoot/NOR), LuCI interface came up on From here I could upgrade to the latest (19.07.7)

Thanks for reading :wink:

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