GL-AR300M Intranet openvpn

Hi to all.
Hi @DjiPi

I bought the GL-AR300M to make this project in my house:


  1. Modem router wifi, 4G huawey (B593_U12) with flat LTE connection. It has public IP filtered by Vodafone. DDNS or similar service not working.

  2. fritz box router to manage VOIP and wifi inside home,

  3. VPS on where I have installed the openvpn server.

  4. switch because GL-AR300M has only one LAN port

I bought the GL-AR300M to be used as a vpn client to access with my smartphone to my intranet where I would like to connect a video surveillance system and a disk where we keep some important data.

Do you help me configure the GL-AR300M to have this network or better?
Thank you!

can you give me a firmware on that!! so that i can test