Give direct WAN access to VLAN

I have OpenWRT router and servers. I want to give direct wan access (=public ip) to server, but I also want LAN.
The problem is, physical lan cable is only one between router and servers.
and server supports multiple interface with vlan.
Can I archive this with VLAN?

My ISP supports multiple DHCP IP.

Thanks but I want to use two(WAN and LAN) interface on the server, with only one cable.

Then you'd need to make the port to the server trunk and tag the lan and wan vlans. Also the vlans must be enabled on the server interface.

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Is that right? If I set tagged, it get reverted.

I hope you are not connected to the router on port 3.
Moreover you don't need to create a new vlan. WAN is on vlan 2 so you'd need to tag the server port on vlan2 and delete vlan3.