Github workflow for firewall(or any) config


For whatever reason, I have to have a very complex firewall file for parental controls on my router. I am mostly not going to be babysitting the router all the time and would like to have the config up in github which I can update any time from anywhere.

I want to trigger a script down to my router through github, which will update the local repo on the router to the updates posted on gitup and commit the changes.

My question is how do I setup the trigger between github and my router ?


Using Github's web-hooks:

Yes I know that but I need some end-point package on the router like

As of the moment its not part of the list of packages for openwrt, and the dev's site is not having a mips executable built (for rspro).

Is there an alternative endpoint software anyone is using on the router ?


Are you saying that you want to make a public edit on a site...and it pushes the config to the router?

Maybe OpenWrt-IoT can be used with some modifications.

OpenWRT-IoT is an open-source project to convert your OpenWRT router into a home automation platform. It exposes webhooks that can be integrated with IFTTT/Google Home/Alexa Echo/etc.