GitHub PR update help

Hey all, apologies if wrong area.

I’ve been working on adding support to the Netgear EX6200. I’ve gotten a successful build and I started a PR on GitHub I got a round of reviews and made updates. Sadly, I’m a damn noob at GitHub and I can’t update my damn PR via CLI.

I’ve followed different tutorials and tried force merging . I ended up overwriting my local changes and long story short I polluted my PR.

Would it be possible to schedule like a zoom call with one of you fine folks to hopefully coach me through it? I gave up on this a few months back but I’d really like to finish what I’ve started, especially considering it’s fully working.

Not that I'd be best person to help you, but do you want to link your PR maybe? I'm seeing nothing for EX6200:

Hey there! here is the link:

If I know I have a messy git rebase -i master to do, I will usually create a new branch first git switch -c $(git branch --show-current)-rebase, so I have an easy fallback. Can always use git reflog, or git reset --hard github/pr-branch, but it is easier to lose history with either of those.

When you do your rebase (because it has been some time), you will get merge conflicts where the parts of files changed with your commit will have been changed upstream in different ways, so the patches no longer cleanly apply. You will need to manually work through those merge conflicts (there are also git GUI tools available if you would be more comfortable with that).