Github actions for my fork

I made a fork of the OpenWrt packages github repo. I use it to prepare pull requests for OpenWrt. It happens frequently that OpenWrt's automated tests fail for the pull request. I wish to run these tests in my own fork before creating the pull request for the official repo.

How do I do that?
Thank you.

I guess you can copy the test script and run it your own on a PR between two branches in your repo.

But it is a pretty simple admin checks and if it fails often and probably is the same fault, it would probably be easier to change your work routine so you don’t get the faults to begin with?

OK, it's working now. Info for others with the same problem:

Actions are disabled when the fork is created. They need to be enabled from the Actions tab of the forked repository, then create the pull requests that trigger the actions. If you open the pull reqests before actions are enabled, they won't run. PR must be altered (force push something, or open another) for the actions to run.

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