Git repo to OpenWRT Package - RTL8814au

I'm hoping this is the correct place to be posting and whether you guys & girls can point me in the right direction (hopefully)!!

I found a Git repository for an RTL8814au USB dongle (link). I have followed the instructions for using the driver on a Debian based system (RPi OS x64) and have confirmed that the dongle works.

Now can I the contents of said repo be used to build a package that can be used on OpenWRT for the USB dongle? Or am I expecting too much? IF it is possible, what might I need to read up on how to compile a package for testing/deployment?

I think I saw your post in reddit.

Anyway, it's not as straightforward as it looks. You need to port the source codes to openwrt and it isn't easy. This is needs to be included in the kernel modules to be part of the available libraries.

Maybe you can start here as basis: