Gigaset-SX76X bugs

there is bug in u-boot 0106-MIPS-add-board-support-for-Gigaset-SX76X config file:

it defines:
+#define CONFIG_ENV_OFFSET (256 * 1024)

which gives:0x40000

and it should be:
+#define CONFIG_ENV_OFFSET (192 * 1024)

which gives:0x30000

since kernel is positioned at 0xB0040000:

  • "kernel_addr=\0"

this bug causes overwrite of image file positioned at 0xB0040000 with Environment configuration that should be stored at 0xB0030000.

In addition:
WLan does not work, cause could be that wlan eeprom configuration is not loaded, some patch previously positioned eeprom at 0xb07f0000, as defined at:
Paragraph: Installation procedure for Barrier Breaker (BB), point 8.




I have build the OpenWRT image firmware for WiFi.
Had the sx762 for a few years running.

Now upgrading to Lede. I will make the changes and give
you a link for testing.
After that we can hopefully merge it.