Gigabit, vpn, ax

What all in one to buy if i want:

  • gigabit switch (or faster)
  • ax wifi
  • path based vpn

honestly I would like to avoid openWrt.

I bought asus rt-ax56u, but every about 14 days 5g network would stop working.
I have looked at xt8, but i don't really want to risk another asus device. And path based vpn is not supported by asus out of box only, on asus wrt merlin.

I'm expecting there is nothing that can do path based vpn out of box, but i'm not sure if there is even anything that has ax wifi and works with openWrt and is stable.

Then this isn't the place to ask


I noticed some asus routers have thing they call VPN fusion, which, in theory at least, is policy based vpn, at least at first glance.

But after ax55 I'm having hard time trusting asus.

Although ac66ub1 is pretty much best router I had and it can route 500 both ways, dunno about 1000mbit and i'm thinking that in reality i did not see any gains from AX.

And since current market routers don't have 2.5g switch anyway it might really make sense to stick with proven AC solution.

Since you don't want to use OpenWrt: Can we close this topic?


I think avoid openwrt while having stable gigabit all in one router with nice wifi AP that can do path based vpn is very wishful thinking