Getting "Wireless is not associated" when i use a 802.11s and a SSID access point on a single band

How do i make this work?
I have a 5ghz network and a 2.4ghz network, both have the same SSID's and passwords. When i create a mesh network on radio0, both the access point and the 802.11s get disabled with the error "Wireless is not associated". When i disable either of the networks, the other starts again without a problem. Seems they do not want to run together.

How do i solve that?

Mesh points must be set to a specific channel, not "auto." Set your country. Both radios must be set to the same country.

If it's not that, some hardware/drivers do not allow all combined modes, especially on DFS channels in the 5 GHz band. If you are using the 5 GHz radio, try a non-DFS channel.

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@mk24 has good things to check into. If none of that solves the issue, it could be the driver. eg: I had to replace the -ct drivers for my Archer C7’s with non-ct drivers to get the 5g radio to use 802.11s mesh.

This can be closed. The channel and width were wrongly set.
Thanks everyone:)

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