Getting signal strength samples from all devices connected into the network

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to implement an IDS over RSS technique but I need help in order to get the signal strength values from all the devices connected into the network. At the moment I can get these values only from the devices connected into the router that I'm currently analyzing, by using the command "iw dev INTERFACE station dump", that show details about every client device connected to this router. However, through the same router, I need the signal strength values from all the devices connected into the whole network, even if they are connected through another router. Could someone help me please to get that?

Thanks in advance!

Write a small C program talking nl80211 or a Lua script using libiwinfo-lua, collect the values and broadcast them via UDP or something. If you need security do the same via HTTPS or SSH.

Then have either a central listener receiving the UDP packets or a central HTTP / SSH server where the agents can put their values on.

Thank you for quick replying, Jow! The issue is that I need to create the radio map. So I need the signal values from all devices probes through all APs on the network.

Yes, so you have to implement that by the means of having a probe on each AP. At least I don't really see another way.

I'm not positive but I think the wireless adaptor would need to be in monitor mode to accomplish this. Thus, defeating its use as an AP. A second adaptor might be needed or another device with a wireless adaptor placed right next to the router. I'm not sure AP mode and monitor mode can coexist on the same wireless interface at the same time.