Getting Permission denied error, when running make

Hi guys,

Im building my image(19.07.8), but I cant compile it when im running make without sudo I get Permission denied errors, but i set the variable FORCE_UNSAFE_CONFIGE = 1, and printenv on it returns 1, so it is set as wanted, but it still doesnt work.. Anybody had / or know how to solve these permission errors?
Im currently Ubuntu 20.04

Thanks in advance

Do you mean you are upgrading 18.06?
That is a discontinued version so the build image support for that will probably be sparse to non existent.

Im building it from the buttom again. I have a very old version of openwrt, and want to make a new image that is version 18.03, but get the errors as mentioned above, sorry

We don’t have a version 18.03.x…

okay it 19.07.8 im trying to build

The problem is not the version, usually i build it through a docker, butnow I just want to make it in the terminal using "make"

For any Linux-sharks in our beautiful ocean, here was the solution:
sudo chown -R yourusername:yourusername routeToBuildRoot/

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