Getting high ping in wifi

xiaomi mi mini router ( ) Flash MB: 16 , RAM MB: 128
Getting high ping on various wifi devices -

3 meters away - android tv box.

--- ping statistics ---
5 packets transmitted, 5 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 1.080/100.172/197.661 ms

Android phone next to router:

--- ping statistics ---
145 packets transmitted, 145 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 3.320/283.725/1264.427 ms```

Ethernet pings are <1ms , High ping with single device connected to AC and N wifi. Tried playing with the settings to no noticeable effect. How can I diagnose it ?


There is a pattern. Start at 50ms increases gradually till it reaches 200ms+, then drops to <50ms starts to increase again.. repeat.

 OpenWrt 18.06.1, r7258-5eb055306f
root@OpenWrt:~# ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from seq=76 ttl=64 time=47.999 ms
64 bytes from seq=77 ttl=64 time=72.578 ms
64 bytes from seq=78 ttl=64 time=106.718 ms
64 bytes from seq=79 ttl=64 time=34.620 ms
64 bytes from seq=80 ttl=64 time=155.017 ms
64 bytes from seq=81 ttl=64 time=180.196 ms
64 bytes from seq=82 ttl=64 time=201.896 ms
64 bytes from seq=83 ttl=64 time=20.039 ms
64 bytes from seq=84 ttl=64 time=43.859 ms
64 bytes from seq=85 ttl=64 time=69.058 ms
64 bytes from seq=86 ttl=64 time=93.138 ms
64 bytes from seq=87 ttl=64 time=114.838 ms
64 bytes from seq=88 ttl=64 time=140.477 ms
64 bytes from seq=89 ttl=64 time=160.817 ms
64 bytes from seq=90 ttl=64 time=186.077 ms
64 bytes from seq=91 ttl=64 time=222.900 ms
64 bytes from seq=92 ttl=64 time=3.780 ms
64 bytes from seq=93 ttl=64 time=52.500 ms
64 bytes from seq=94 ttl=64 time=75.779 ms
64 bytes from seq=95 ttl=64 time=111.859 ms
64 bytes from seq=96 ttl=64 time=21.840 ms
64 bytes from seq=97 ttl=64 time=146.260 ms
64 bytes from seq=98 ttl=64 time=169.720 ms
64 bytes from seq=99 ttl=64 time=193.660 ms
64 bytes from seq=100 ttl=64 time=216.779 ms
64 bytes from seq=101 ttl=64 time=241.919 ms
64 bytes from seq=102 ttl=64 time=59.920 ms
64 bytes from seq=103 ttl=64 time=83.000 ms
64 bytes from seq=104 ttl=64 time=107.059 ms
64 bytes from seq=105 ttl=64 time=128.740 ms
64 bytes from seq=106 ttl=64 time=153.960 ms
64 bytes from seq=107 ttl=64 time=176.919 ms
64 bytes from seq=108 ttl=64 time=368.419 ms
--- ping statistics ---
109 packets transmitted, 33 packets received, 69% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 3.780/126.131/368.419 ms

bump. Help please

Phones will cut off their wifi radio when there is no traffic, to save the battery. This leads to high ping times especially on the first ping.

I don't think its battery optimization, because I get avg 75ms ping, when doing a ping test on (on my wifi android device)

When you ping from the phone, it knows to leave the radio on to get the response. When you ping to the phone, it is not expecting anything, so it may have the radio off.

Pings from outside (a ping test site's server) are answered by your modem or router. That will test the ISP connection only, not your internal network.

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The is a websocket based server to browser test, and not a terminal based ping test.

Same problem. Any solution?

I fix this issue on any AP by setting a Distance Optimization that is >=100 meters. You'll need to set this parameter no lower than the greatest distance of your farthest WiFi client. I've also found that values < 100 do not work on OpenWrt. Please understand what that setting is; and the distance of all clients from your router.

Others parameters I might optimize, depending on congestion on the channel being used:

  • DTIM Interval
  • RTS/CTS Threshold

By the way, it's probably better to create a new thread than to revive an old one.