Getting default config without installing (WRT1900ACS)

I'm on 18.06 and I want to upgrade to 21.02.

Instead of installing and then trying to figure out the config changes, I would like to prepare for this in advance. So I would like to get the default 21.02 config for my device, compare to my current config and prepare all the necessary changes.

Is there some way to achieve this? I don't see config files in the git tree, and I am guessing at least some of the config is created at install time on the device itself.

The network, system and wireless config are created on the fly at the first boot (based on the recipes included in the built firmware and the detected hardware.)

So is there any way to know what my new default 21.02 config will look like without actually installing it?

You can try to interprete the cryptic recipes included in the device definition, but in practical terms it is difficult (for network,system, wireless).

Why not simply posting your router model and ask for a config backup of a fresh device ?

Well if there is someone who can help I'll be very happy: I have a Linksys WRT1900ACS

Easy as pie with a dual partition device, flash without keeping config,backup and go back to the other partition.


Having a spare of every device type, in your network, makes things like this a lot easier. I chose cheap devices, for this reason.