Getting "can't resolve symbol 'pthread_attr_getstacksize'" when executing cross-compiled Go application on my OpenWRT box

Hi all,

after finally being able to build the Firmware (Teltonika RUT955 box) with the RUT derivate of OpenWRT. I also managed to get a Go application cross compiled using the toolchain and sdk I have on my machine. I solved all of the linking and compilation problems and it's dynamically linked and finding all of the required libs. However I am unable to run the application.

All I'm getting is an error:
can't resolve symbol 'pthread_attr_getstacksize'

From what I can see in the sources of the firmware, the function is declared in the pthread.h and implemented in libpthread/linuxthreads/attr.c however as "__pthread_attr_getstacksize" followed by a call of: weak_alias (__pthread_attr_getstacksize, pthread_attr_getstacksize)
Could it be, that this macro isn't declared in my case and therefore the declaration and implementation aren't linked together?

I'd greatly appreciate help with this as I'm completely stuck at the moment.



following up on this ... it seemed that the firmware built on our CI server had the libraries stripped down. For some reason the aliases were removed. When building on my local machine this problem didn't seem to occur.


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