Getting a file off the router

ive got a back up of the download items on my router using

how do i get this file "" stored on my linux pc

scp (depending on your OpenSSH version, you might need scp -O).

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do i scp from the pc terminal [justin@blackbox-lan ~]$ f so what command so i issue

[justin@blackbox-lan ~]$ scp justin@
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused
scp: Connection closed
[justin@blackbox-lan ~]$

Apparently your client's firewall rejects the ssh/ scp connection from your router (or you aren't running an sshd) - it's probably easier for you to reverse the direction, using scp on your client and pull the file from your router

fwiw, if you are a windows user, take a look at WinSCP.