Get uhttpd to respond with HTTP code 204

I want to have the connectivity check of Google devices answered my OpenWrt router itself. For this reason I need to have uhttpd return status code 204 on the URL /generate_204. Is there a way achieve this or do I need a full web server for this?

[root@dca632 ../ 52°]# cat /etc/config/uhttpd | grep 204
	list lua_prefix '/generate_204=/www/cgi-bin/204.lua'

[root@dca632 ../ 54°]# cat /www/cgi-bin/204.lua 
function handle_request(env)
    uhttpd.send("Status: 204 (No Content)\r\n")
	uhttpd.send("Content-Type: text/plain\r\n\r\n")

Bear in mind not all Android devices use /generate_204