Get SIP signal and ring into IPv6 LAN

using 19.02 here and have a question. For SIP(gate) i need a port for the ring signal and some incoming port forwards to phone / laptop with a SIP client. Because it's IPv6 the siproxd is for IPv4 only it seems that would not work.

Is there an IPv6 proxy to tunnel the firewall inwards?

Or are a set of firewall rules my only solution for that?


You don't need forwards or proxy. If you allow the proper ports on the firewall the hosts on the internet will be able to contact your phone directly.

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you probably don't need to do anything. Your phone sends out a registration from its ipv6 address... the firewall tracks this connection and allows the replies automatically, when audio needs to be set up as long as your phone uses symmetric signalling which is pretty standard, your outbound audio is on same port as inbound audio so the firewall allows it. It just works! ipv6 is the future.

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