Get repeater, install OpenWrt and use as Access Point

Hi all,

is this a good idea?


Is the headline all the hints we get?


Yes. Any repeater with a wired ethernet port that supports OpenWRT and has the wifi specs you want makes a good access point. The only thing you don't get that's often desirable on dedicated APs is POE. Just remember that WiFi speeds can be lower in OpenWRT, in part because it lacks some vendor speed hacks and in part because it includes current security patches some of which are costly in terms of CPU. So look at those hardware specs.

Some people find they're happier running OEM firmware on dedicated APs because they like the optimizations, and since it's just a dumb AP not doing other tasks, they don't need OpenWRT's customizability and broad application support. But in that case, stick to a reputable brand with a staffed and lively support forum and a consistent policy of security updates and bug fixes. Ubiquiti and Mikrotik seem to be well thought of here, but others will have more experience and may want to weigh in here.

But why not “get access point, install openwrt and use as access point”?
I don’t get the technical thing to buy a repeater for the purpose not to not use a repeater!?

Hmmm, what is the difference between AP and repeater? I assume it is more or less only software difference.
I would like to change firmware of all my network equipment to openwrt, to have:

  1. same look and feel for all stuff --> reduced operational effort
  2. long scale patch management
  3. Reusage of old equipment

You are right! However I would like to reuse eqipment, I get my hands on...

Any router can be used as AP, and those should be even easier to find, than extenders.

I use three Archer C2600s as APs in my house.

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A repeater has radio input, amplifier and radio output to next receiver.
A access point has cable input and radio output.

My repeater (although only 2MB flash and therefore not openwrt ready, and no PoE :frowning: ) has cable connector as well! (cable input!) So only software makes difference?