Get MAC address of connected device

Hi I have ssh connection to my OpenWrt router from mobile phone I want to get mobile phone's mac address from executing command in OpenWrt shell is there any way to do it?

There are several ways

iwinfo wlan0 assoclist


ubus call hostapd.wlan0 get_clients


iw ...
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instead of getting list can I get exactly one ( which is mobile phone I'am running )

Can u setup luci?
And then just go to the Associated Clients.
Often there you can see the hostname and IP + MAC.

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ip neigh show "${SSH_CONNECTION%% *}" | cut -d " " -f 5

Get the IP address from the environment, if dropbear supports it. Use the ARP table to get the associated MAC, wireless or wired. (See post above)


Exactly What I wanted , THANK YOU..

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Hi can I get device's MAC address as this?

Do you need the MAC address of the router?
If so, then LAN or WAN interface?

WLAN interface

ip link show wlan0 | awk -e '/^\s*link\//{print $2}'
ip link show br-lan | awk -e '/^\s*link\//{print $2}'

perfect , Thanks again

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